Smart Gas

Maintain safe delivery operations with gas level monitoring, leakage detection, daily consumption, consumption alarms, pipeline—pressure changes, readings to reduce unaccounted-for gas, enhance the performance of operations and more.

Operate Safer

Alarms that maintain safe delivery operations & meet regulatory requirements.

Reduce Loss

Automate and correlate readings to reduce unaccounted-for gas

Real-Time Monitoring

Visualize what’s happening inside your pipeline—pressure changes

Increase Productivity

Sensors do the hard work for you which means less manpower and energy.

Gas Sensors

  • Carbon monoxide CO
  • Oxygen O₂
  • Nitrogen dioxide NO₂
  • Nitric Oxide NO
  • Sulphur dioxide SO₂
  • Chlorine Cl₂
  • Ammonia NH₃
  • Hydrogen H₂
  • Ozone O₃
  • Formaldehyde CH₂O
  • Epoxyethane C₂H₄0
  • Hydrogen fluoride HF
  • Freon




Wireless Options

Please contact us for wireless/wired options available 

Accurate gas consumption monitoring provides the government & factories with quantitative information on saving energy and reducing emissions, thus supporting clean energy strategies.

Smart Gas uses the Internet of Things to go beyond meter reading for improved operations and safety.

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