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Making your data work harder

Your data is an invaluable asset just waiting to be put to work. We leverage industry-leading technology to empower decision-makers with actionable insights, interoperable systems, and full visibility into the inner workings of any operation.

Software Development

Full-stack, fully customised software development for remote monitoring solutions. We build the software architecture required to get data from any site, pump or machine, no matter how remote, to a centralized database for analysis and visualization.

Sensor-Based Data Collection and Analytics Systems

The design, development and implementation of connected data systems and custom hardware solutions to remotely monitor and manage your equipment, machinery, vehicles, pumps, and more. Get real-time monitoring and alerting of connected systems or assets in the palm of your hand, via tablet or phone.

Cloud Services

Secure, cloud-based data storage and management, including managed Backup and Disaster Recovery services. Access your data from anywhere in the world, on demand. We leverage cloud technologies to make your data more secure and more accessible than ever before.

Digitizing Manual Paper-Based Processes

Digitize your manual data processes and get rid of time-consuming spreadsheets and clipboards for good. We’ll design and implement digital workflows that give you better speed, accuracy, and visibility. No more manual data processing. No more processing errors.

Data Extraction

We design and implement systems and capabilities that extract data from emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned documents, and more, entering them into digital workflows for easy access and at-a-glance readability.

Data Visualisation

We develop custom dashboards and reporting platforms that take your data and transform it into an easily understandable format, so you can access and analyze your data in real-time for accurate, effective, data-driven decision-making.

Process Automation

The development and implementation of automated processes and systems for automatic equipment control and operation.

Notifications and Alerts

We design comprehensive notification and alerting systems to help you confidently monitor your assets or other important metrics across your business in real-time.

Let’s put your data to work

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