Our Products Are Designed To Help Your Business Grow & Manage Data Easier

No matter your industry, Our products enables your business to become more efficient, save money, and better adapt to a changing environment.

Systems Development

We use the most up to date technology to help you get the most from your data yourself. We design and build interactive systems so that you can really get to the core of what your data is telling you.

Data Management

Your data is a road map of fascinating insights into your business. But you need to have confidence in its accuracy, quality and integrity. We can help ensure your analysis is based on secure, robust data.


We are skilled in communicating complex information with clarity and in a visually appealing manner. We use simple dashboards to enable you to manage your business data effectively.

Monitoring Systems (IOT)

Ability to obtain data from sensors that can be stored, integrated with other systems and used for developing new applications. If you would like your data monitored at all times, we have you covered.

Portable HMI

This system allows users to view data that was only available in the control room on a portable tablet around the plant, which allows for much easier trouble shooting of equipment around a plant or site.

People Counter

Our counter product is used to count how many people enter a business, restaurants, malls, retail or service stations. Our sensors fit discreetly into the ceiling of your building or other spaces.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a process of looking for anomalies and monitoring change from the established vibration signature of a system.

Data Centralizing System

Know what’s happening with your business each and every second, so you can take action when it really counts. With Real-time Web Analytics, you can react to changes in seconds.

Water Level System

Oriontech water level systems can measure the water level and give an accurate measurement report upon request by SMS. This system can be placed in many places and still give out notifications.

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"The most valuable thing you can have as a leader is clear data. - Ruth Porat"