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How IoT Is Solving the Most Important Business Challenges
Sean Strydom, Director, Oriontech
June 11 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to greatly change the way we work, and we can already notice the impact all around us. Many corporations realized the IoT potential many years ago and started investing in this innovation. Among them are Apple which built the HomeKit IoT platform to implement home appliances in iOS environment, IBM and Microsoft, which launched the Azure Internet of Things platform which is used by more than 5 million companies all over the world.

We can think of the IoT as basically bringing the Internet/cloud to a bunch of things that once had no need for connectivity but now might benefit from it. Things like TVs, washing machines, toasters, and embedded sensors, to name a few members of this category.

The IoT forces you to start watching things that you previously never gave a second thought to in the past. Monitoring printers, PCs, and servers is old school, but what about supply chains, gas stations, and slot machines? These are just a few actual cases that businesses have recently tackled with network monitoring systems. Here are some of the ways IoT monitoring are being used today.


Measuring soil moisture is important in agriculture to help farmers manage their irrigation systems more efficiently. Not only are farmers able to generally use less water to grow a crop, they are able to increase yields and the quality of the crop by better management of soil moisture during critical plant growth stages


More hospital equipment and tools are interconnected with each other now than ever before, and for good reasons. A heart monitor that’s connected to the nurse’s station, for instance, will automatically trigger an alarm when the patient goes into cardiac emergencies.

Also, An out-patient’s health status can be monitored by doctors and health professionals remotely. IoT can help save lives by connecting people with health professionals in real time.

Road Traffic Management:

Connected devices powered by IoT such as traffic lights, smartphones, cars, GPS devices, and cameras can be used to monitor traffic patterns, inform drivers of traffic situations, and help governments determine appropriate solutions to traffic problems.

Internet of Things Network Monitoring provides an opportunity for service providers to be more relevant and better meet the needs of connected consumers. We can also see how IoT monitoring can save time, money and man power by connecting into existing systems:

Smart Water – detection of leaks to avoid loss of water, river flooding etc.

Smart Environment – gas detection, pollution detection, earthquake monitoring.

Agriculture – frost detection for Grape growers to avoid crop wastage.

Smart Metering – energy management , when to use off peak power to save money etc.

Smart Lighting – led lights switch off when no movement detected.

No one can deny the fact that IoT software tools have assisted us in various ways to overcome difficult challenges we all face. From letting us know the latest news across the globe in real-time, to making the journey to Mars a reality. IoT is transforming industries faster than ever before. Some of the general impacts are listed below:

Complete business tasks faster

IoT helps businesses to overcome a large number of challenges. One of these benefits is increased productivity. With the assistance of modern-day IoT software, you can accomplish tasks that traditionally took hours or days within a couple of seconds. Think of the innovation the spreadsheet software systems have brought for businesses. Creating sales ledgers, tracking down expenses and sales, payroll preparation and measuring productivity are some of the tasks that are solely performed through spreadsheet software these days. Such software is an effective alternative to various mind-numbing tasks like manual storing of data. Today, with the help of IoT, plenty of sophisticated, tailor-made software solutions are being introduced for businesses to enhance their operational needs and to track spending and budget flow.

Maintain stronger relationships with customers

Some businesses who are taking advantage of IoT systems use highly smart automated systems to handle some of their customer-related tasks like live chat auto response software which can respond to message inquiries in seconds and keeps the customer engaged, all without human interaction. IoT systems can also be used to monitor, sort and manage information related to production and business analytical data which helps the enterprise make better, data driven decisions. IoT enables small and large companies to automate some of their communication with their customers by keeping them informed about new offers, offer loyalty points, arrange delivery details, facilitating online shopping and to accomplish plenty of other useful tasks.


The benefits associated with IoT monitoring are not limited to large scale businesses. Even a startup business or small warehouse can take advantage of IoT systems and be connected within a matter of days. To learn more about how IoT can benefit your business, contact us by clicking the button below: