IoT Project: Geyserworx

Geyserworx Mobile App

SAM required a mobile application interface that could communicate to the Geyserworx® server, using MQTT – allowing you to control your geyser remotely through the GeyserWorx® App available for Android or Apple iOS.

Our application provides GeyserWorx® users the ability to adjust setpoint, set alarms, set timers & check values remotely & in real-time. If a user notices any issues like leaking or dripping, the app will alert them to any problems as it happens.

Geyserworx app

Remote access

Control the app from anywhere – almost like being right next to the geyser.

Set alarms & timers

If you have a routine, you can set regular, automatic triggers on your geyser all within the mobile app. 

Save electricity costs

Forget to turn off your geyser? Switch it off with only a click of a button right within the app.

Get notifications

Geyser usage/levels/ problems & maintenance status right within the app dashboard. 

Geyserworx Diagram

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