We are Passionate About Building Software for Companies

Oriontech provides fully customizable software and data solutions to collect data from systems & equipment and converts this data into simple, easy to understand information, giving businesses the tools to make better decisions.

Who We Are

We are a growing Big Data and Analytics services company, with the goal to help clients leverage their biggest asset – Data.

We mix intelligence and common sense in bringing out smart solutions around data processing, data mining, and business analytics.

Why OrionTech?

OrionTech helps companies Make better data driven decisions by providing them with the tools they need to grow.

We help clients realize faster time-to-insight through a combination of skills, software and products. We value client relationships and strive to provide impeccable service.

We Look Forward

We believe data not only benefits companies in many different ways, but it also solves real world problems, and the technology is only getting smarter.

Our motto is simple: “Move fast, watch where you’re going and remember why you chose your destination.” This is what we believe and have created solutions for this purpose.

Mission & Values

We are on a mission to bring better insights and data-driven decisions to every business.

Our values can be summed up in three parts. Consistency: We will continue to over deliver week in and week out. Commitment: We are on a quest to provide our clients with the most accurate data available. Loyalty: Client confidentiality and lasting relationships are vital, we understand that well.

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"The most valuable thing you can have as a leader is clear data. - Ruth Porat"