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Wrangling data since 2016

We’re a dedicated team of problem-solvers with a cumulative X years of experience in data management and automation. Bring us your most complex data problems – we live for this stuff!


Oriontech is a big data and analytics company with a mission to help our clients unlock and leverage their data to optimize decision-making, operational efficiency, and profitability. 

Through our network of expert developers and partners, we provide the hardware, software, and visualization systems required to extract, retrieve, store, manage, analyse, and present data from any source, turning that data into actionable insights.

We focus on innovating alongside our clients, building smart, customised solutions designed to address the unique needs and requirements of your business.

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to transform available data into easily digestible, actionable insights, empowering businesses to enhance their efficiency and profitability. We are dedicated to helping companies identify areas for improvement and excellence, thereby enabling them to achieve and surpass their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our approach is not just about providing data solutions; it's about partnering with our clients every step of the way.

We are committed to developing customized systems that are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each business, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also seamlessly integrated into their existing operations.

We prioritize understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly aligned with their business goals.
Decision Making:
Our foundation lies in leveraging data to drive meaningful changes, helping businesses make informed decisions that lead to tangible results.
Efficiency &
We focus on turning data into strategies that enhance operational efficiency and promote excellence in all aspects of business.
Innovation &
Staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we continually adapt and innovate to provide the most effective solutions.
Transparency &
We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients and fostering a collaborative environment to ensure that every project is a mutual success.
Through Education:
We're committed to not only providing solutions but also educating our clients, enabling them to understand and utilize data-driven insights effectively.

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